We are SAPAC, a society for South Asian Perspectives and Conversation at Tufts University. Our group comprises undergraduate students of all backgrounds and disciplines who share a keen interest in the politics of South Asia and its diaspora(s). We seek to strengthen the political presence of South Asia at Tufts through events and initiatives that broaden on-campus dialogue and empower students to engage with the region.

As scholars, activists, and artists, each of us is committed to the continual navigation of our identities, responsibilities, and capacities with respect to South Asia. Our membership in SAPAC provides us with the resources and institutional framework within which to engage these lifelong processes. Yet I believe our most vital work is to strive to amplify South Asian discourse and build an inclusive, interdisciplinary, critical community that stretches far beyond the Hill.

This website serves as an online portfolio, allowing us to showcase some of our recent work and ongoing interests. If you are interested in learning more or developing a collaborative project, please reach out to us! Only through building these relationships can we truly serve the Tufts community.


Natasha Khwaja '18