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Natasha Khwaja (2018) - Chair

Studying: International Relations (concentration in the Middle East & South Asia), Anthropology
Hometown(s): Karachi, Pakistan & Duluth, MN
Favorite classes: Comparative Revolutions, Islam and Modernity, Fieldwork in Anthropology
Areas of interest: Gender and ethnic minority issues in South Asia, Migration and Diaspora, Labor
Other activities: Right now, her honors thesis! 

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Hershel Tamboli (2018)

Studying: International Relations (concentration in International Finance); Linguistics minor
Home(s): Potomac, MD and Washington, DC
Favorite classes: Colonialism in Global Perspective, Romance Linguistics, Political Foundations of Economic Prosperity
Areas of interest: South Asian & diasporic linguistic development/diversity, intersection of politics & subcultures with linguistic communities, comedic voices in South Asia and its diaspora
Other activities: 3Ps/Torn Ticket, International Relations Student Advisory Board

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Natasha Karunaratne (2018)

Studying: Peace and Justice Studies & Education
Home(s): Boston, MA and Colombo, Sri Lanka
Favorite classes: Critical Race Theory, Critical Pedagogies
Areas of interest: Sri Lanka, Diaspora, Colonialism, Education
Other activities: Women's Center, POC Circle, United Immigrant Justice, Writing Fellows

Nath Samaratunga (2018)

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Studying: Cognitive & Brain Sciences, Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies (minor)
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Favorite classes: Gender & Sexuality in South Asia, Mass Incarceration & the Literature of Confinement
Areas of interest: Immigration, Gender and Sexuality, Identity & Communal Narratives
Other activities: GlobeMed, FOCUS Pre-orientation

Sivi Satchithanandan (2019)

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Studying: Community Health and Biology
Hometown: South Orange, NJ  
Favorite class: Genetics
Areas of interest: Health in South Asia
Other activities: Tisch Scholars, The Observer

Sasha Raveendran Greene (2019)

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Studying: Clinical Psychology
Hometowns: Cupertino, CA, Singapore, and Jakarta, Indonesia  
Favorite classes: Race in America, Abnormal Psychology, Racing Research, Seminar in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Areas of interest: South Asian Diaspora Experience (i.e. Singaporean South Asians, West Indies, African, etc.), Multiracial South Asians, Histories of South Asian Migration, Decolonial Studies
Other activities: Association of Multiracial People at Tufts (AMPT)

Kairavi Sarup (2020) 

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Studying: International Relations and Archaeology
Hometowns: New Delhi, India
Favorite class: Arabic (by a stringent and hateful process of elimination)
Areas of interest: Ancient South Asia, Partition, comparison with the Middle East
Other activities: Sitting in bed, eating copiously, etc.

Nikhil Srinivasan (2020)

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Studying: International Relations and French
Hometowns: Acton, MA
Favorite classes: International Finance, International Political Economy, Mediterranean Crossings
Areas of interest: Lasting economic/financial impact of British colonialism on modern South Asia; the real effects of stereotypes on South Asians/South Asian Americans; the intersections of race, specifically South Asian-ness, and queerness in America
Other activities: Tufts Daily, Office for Campus Life, Tufts Dance Collective, Tufts French Society

Ashwini Shankar (2021)

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Studying: International Relations  
Hometown: Atherton, CA
Favorite class: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
Areas of interest: Women's Rights and Colorism in South Asia
Other activities: Petey Greene Program, ALLIES, English at Large

Atrey Bhargava (2021)

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Studying: International Relations and Economics
Hometown: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Favorite classes: EPIIC, Modern South Asia
Areas of interest: South Asian Politics, Security and Human Rights
Other activities: 180 Degrees Consulting, Theatre, Tufts CIVIC, Model UN

Trina Sanyal (2021) 

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Studying: Undecided; prospective interests include: immigration policy, Urban and Environmental Planning, Film and Media studies
Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ  
Favorite class: Immigration, Race and Citizenship
Areas of interest: Second Generation immigrants in the South Asian Diaspora; Comedic voices in the South Asian Diaspora
Other activities: United Immigrant Justice, National Tufts Disrupt Slam Poetry Team, Tufts Literacy Corps

Priya Skelly (2022) 

Priya Skelly - P. Skelly.jpg

Studying: Studio Art and Undecided
Hometown: Needham, MA
Favorite classes: Asian America, Screenprinting A-Z
Areas of interest: Womyn and gender minorities in South Asia, multiracial identities in South Asia
Other activities: AMPT, Currents, The Observer, Polykhroma