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#ItGetsBitter: DarkMatter Spoken Word

  • Sophia Gordon Hall 15 Talbot Ave Medford, MA, 02155 United States (map)

Tufts Asian American Alliance (AAA) and South Asian Political Action Committee (SAPAC) are proud to present: DARKMATTER - #ItGetsBitter

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Date & Time: Saturday, November 15th (6:00 PM)
Location: Sophia Gordon Hall (Multi-Purpose Room)
No tickets required! The show will be followed by Q&A

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#TBT back to when we were told as queer youth that it was supposed to “get better.” What they forgot to tell us is that gay rights are often only for gay whites! With an increase in racist and queerphobic violence and a state that uses our bodies to advance its imperialist agenda at home and abroad,what’s become apparent is that LGBT rights have become co-opted. JOIN DarkMatter for a night of poetry, polemic, and healing as we not only critique -- but also imagine new queer futures. 

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DARKMATTER is a trans south asian art and activist collaboration comprised of janani and alok. using poetry & polemic, tweet & tirade DM is committed to an art practice of gender self(ie) determination, racial justice, and movement building. DM has been invited to perform and facilitate workshops across the world. you can follow their antics or @darkmatterrage. 

Janani Balasubramanian is a trans south asian artivist-techie based in brooklyn. they work as a designer and ½ of the spoken word duo DARKMATTER. janani’s work has been featured in Black Girl Dangerous, Racialicious, Model View Culture, MSNBC, Colorlines, Upworthy, Autostraddle, TEDx, and various print publications. they’ve been invited to perform and facilitate workshops at universities and organizations across the world. janani likes using words/maps/design to tell nonlinear stories about empire, desire, microflora, ancestry, apocalypse, and the Future. they're currently working on their first sci-fi novel, H, and a comic collection, SHY. you can read more of their work at

Alok Vaid-Menon is a trans/national south asian writer, performer, and solidarity activist who has organized with racial, economic, and gender justice movements across the world. their creative & political work grapples with questions of diaspora, trauma, race, desire, and politics. as a staff member of the audre lorde project (a grassroots organizing center for LGBT people of color) and ½ of the spoken word collaboration DARKMATTER, alok is committed to building the collective power of young queer and trans people of color. alok has been invited to perform and facilitate at universities, conferences, and organizations across the world; their work has appeared in various zines & media/publishing outlets like MTV, Best Sex Writing 2015, The New York Times, Upworthy, TEDx and more. to read more visit