South Asia Week 2.0!

Wednesday, April 17th marks the start of SAPAC’s second annual ‘South Asia Week’.

South Asia Week aims to cultivate meaningful dialogue surrounding South Asia’s pressing political issues, celebrate the region’s diverse cultures, and suggest innovative solutions to the current obstacles facing the region.

Every day, the South Asian region is at the forefront of news for both international and domestic political affairs. South Asia is the geographical region in southern Asia that includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Iran, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tibet.  However, the importance of this region within the international context is often underplayed. For instance, a few issues that pose important global effects are the nuclearisation of the India-Pakistan rivalry (with the assistance of outside powers like China and North Korea), the US occupation and invasion of Afghanistan, and the emerging markets in the region.

Throughout South Asia Week, SAPAC hopes to engage students and faculty members across various disciplines pertaining to South Asia. Both Tufts University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy place great importance on international affairs. In keeping both of the school’s focuses in mind, SAPAC hopes to create awareness about the region throughout the Tufts community.

This year, SAPAC is proud to present Tufts’ second annual South Asia Week in coordination with BUILD: India and the Hindu Students Council.

South Asia week will provide an eclectic blend of events, ranging from a roundtable discussion regarding the drone strikes in Pakistan, to the joyous celebration of Holi. This week will provide not only engagement with South Asia’s pressing political issues but also a diverse taste of South Asian culture. Here are some of the events to look forward to:

Drone Strikes Roundtable: Game of Drones: Counterterrorism Measure or Human Rights Abuse? (Wednesday [17th April]) 

There have been 344 Drone Attacks in Pakistan alone since 2004, resulting in more than hundreds of Civilian Deaths. The Obama Administration has defended the legality of Drone Attacks and said strikes are conducted only with permission from states. We ask you: Counterterrorism Measure or Human Rights Abuse?

BUILD: India presents “Bollywood, Bazaar and Bites” Movie Screening of Cocktail
(Thursday [18th April])

Watch a Bollywood film, eat delicious FREE Indian food, and buy some beautiful Indian Handicrafts. All donations will provide Thottiyapatti’s members with better supplementary education, access to ECOSAN toilets and an additional source of income.

Afghanistan Movie Screening - "Back Home Tomorrow," by Fabrizio Lazzaretti and Paolo Santolini. 
(Thursday [18th April])

The film received the Cinereach Award for conveying vital messages through artful storytelling during its US premiere at the 2009 Human Rights Watch International Film Festival in New York City.

HSC Presents: Holi
(Sunday [April 21st])

Holi is the festival of colors and welcomes the joys of spring. The festival is exhilarating and joyous, and reminds us to celebrate the excitement and happiness of friendship and love.

With these exciting events in line, we are looking forward to South Asia Week. We hope you all will join us in engaging with the region’s cultures and issues!