Keeping up with South Asia

It’s a world of contradictions: A place where tradition and modernity coexist. You can hear Justin Bieber playing on a procession for Lord Krishna’s birthday. Where high-rise buildings and slums coexist. You can exit a five star hotel and be approached by homeless children asking you for money.

But above all it’s a place of diversity. Where you can be dark-skinned, light-skinned, speak over 4 languages, practice any religion, and be vegetarian, practice yoga are not consider that an alternative lifestyle. Where in fact there are no “alternative lifestyles.”  A place where you can call yourself: Gujarati, Punjabi, Muslim, Hindu, Tamil, Bengali, Nepalese — be it language, ethnicity, religion or nationality, you choose to define yourself the way you want. Welcome to South Asia.

It’s a place of endless excitement. And it’s a region that is central to political and social change. Be it India-Pakistan diplomacy, democracy in Afghanistan, minority rights in Nepal or the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, there’s something in every corner and we have something to say about it. This is where you can read it.

The South Asian Political Action Committee (SAPAC) at Tufts for the first time is creating a forum where students at Tufts who have an interest in the region can voice their views on political issues. We are keeping up with South Asia.